Since most people cannot afford to have a personal barista in their home, many companies have created the next best thing; bean to brew coffee machines. These machines can normally create a wide range of classic coffees, lattes, and more. But with so many different options out there, it is difficult to decide what machine is right for you.

What Exactly is a Bean to Brew Machine?

Sometimes called a bean to cup coffee machine, these seem to be the easiest coffee machines out there. Inside of the machine is a built-in grinder so there is no need to grind the beans before putting them in. That process can sometimes be time-consuming and messy, but these machines count it out entirely.

After the machine grinds the beans, it will also boil the water, create the coffee (based on what beans you put in there, and then dispense the freshly brewed coffee into your cup. Some machines may have different settings for different coffees but generally, you only have to hit one button to have hassle-free fresh coffee.

Picking a Bean to Brew Machine

There are many different factors that go into these all-in-one machines so it is good to research them and determine your boundaries beforehand.


Probably the first step, and the most important on this list, is the price of the coffee machine. Because of how easy these coffee machines are they are considered quite extravagant, meaning they can also be very expensive.

Before going to look at these machines and possibly falling in love with one far out of your price range, you should set your budget. These machines can go from around $300 to $900 and all the way to $2,000 for some of the luxury ones. Figuring out what you are able to and willing to spend is a great first step in finding your perfect bean to brew machine.


Since there are many different options when looking at these machines, it also means that there are many different sizes. Those that only do bean to brew classic coffee can be the size of an individual cup coffee pot. However, there are ones that offer lattes, foam, and other options. These add-ons can add on a ton of space that this machine may take up.

Making sure you know your available amount of space will save you a headache once you get home from the store. Imagine buying your dream bean to brew coffee machine, coming home excited to unpack and try it, and then finding out you have zero counter space for it.

Price and size are the main pieces that someone must look at before buying a bean to brew coffee machines. These will decide what else you can look at, as in features that may be on the machine.

Once you get to that point, you may be able to pick what kinds of coffee you want it to make, if it has a timer, if you can get foam, etc., etc. The possibilities are really endless.