It has never been more imperative for businesses to implement sustainable practices in their offices. The benefits of going green are great: it will improve the environment and dramatically lower energy costs, and the switch doesn’t have to be extreme.

The demand for sustainability has never been so high, but it isn’t difficult for every person to lower their carbon footprint and save the planet, while still enjoying a cup of tea or coffee at their desk in the morning. Here are some easy ways your office can go green:

Become A More Sustainable Coffee Drinker

Coffee is the nation’s favorite drink; it is predicted that over half of adults in the U.S. regularly consume coffee – that’s approximately 107 million people. But with great numbers comes great environmental responsibility, and the coffee industry has had a negative impact on the planet: from deforestation to the increase of unrecyclable waste.

To decrease your carbon footprint as a coffee drinker, you should:

  • Ditch disposable coffee cups and carry your own reusable cup
  • Drink more coffee at home
  • Install a coffee machine in the office and encourage employees to reuse mugs
  • Only use 100% compostable zero-waste coffee tea pods: Reunion Island, Organa Tea, Wolfgang Puck and Java One are brands that offer them
  • Check for coffee certifications such as Fair Trade, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Trees for the Future and Grounds for Health, to ensure you’re making the best choices for the environment

Install a water machine

Introducing a water dispenser into the office will mean people will be less inclined to buy bottled water, and therefore will improve their carbon footprint. Bevi is an example of an eco-friendly water cooler that even offers flavored sparkling water. Just be sure to drink out of glasses or reusable cups instead of disposable plastic cups for ultra-sustainability.

Go paperless

Many companies are making the switch to paperless – from online pay slips and receipts to e-invites. If your business has the option to go completely paperless, what are you waiting for! However, if there are some things that must be printed (e.g. contracts and documents that need a signature), you can reduce waste by opting for recycled paper, and be sure to recycle when you no longer need it (or get it shredded at a company that promises to recycle).

Sustainable breakrooms

When it comes to sustainability in the office, it’s all in the details. You can decrease your carbon footprint by substituting a few of these breakroom amenities, such as:

  • Substitute plastic cutlery for steel cutlery, and encourage employees to wash up and reuse them
  • Only use sustainable janitorial products (e.g. towels and tissues) in the bathroom. Look for product certifications to indicate products are eco-friendly: Tree-Free, BPA Free, FSC Certified and DfE
  • Introduce recycling bins and encourage people to recycle
  • Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights in areas that don’t need lighting, switching off appliances and electronics that aren’t in use, and turning down the brightness of computer monitor screens

By implementing these sustainable practices, your office will be green in no time!