October is here and although some of us can’t drink a beer in the office, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Oktoberfest. Snacks and drinks that call up the German vibe could provide the fuel for a festive party.

Oktoberfest-Themed Snacks

What says Oktoberfest better than homemade soft pretzels? You don’t even have to make the dough from scratch. Buying ready-made pizza dough puts allows you to chef up some pretzels in almost no time.  Roll a hunk of dough into an 18-inch-rope, shape it into classic pretzel form, brush it with egg wash, sprinkle on some rosemary, salt, or your choice of spice, and bake on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Twenty minutes at 400 degrees and you’re ready to let them cool for fifteen minutes. Soft and delicious!

To add a little meat to the menu, think about some finger-sized brats or hot dogs. They’re easy to grab from the Oktoberfest decorated table. And what would Oktoberfest be without some cabbage? Make or buy some red cabbage slaw to accompany the meat bites and warm pretzels.

German Desserts

To finish off the party, what could be more appropriate than German chocolate cake? To keep it snackable, make the cake into cupcakes and decorate with German flags. Here’s a recipe for homemade German Chocolate cake Another dessert that calls up the classic feel of Germany is Apple Strudel.


While beer might not work at an office party, coffee certainly does. Cold brew calls up the cool feel of fall on a German street. Iced coffee is one thing, but cold brew is quite another. It’s not just the same old boring java out of the pot poured over ice. Cold brew coffee has been soaked in the grounds for 24 hours, allowing its “natural sweetness to shine.” It has the strength and boldness that help say “This is a party!” Add-ons like Bavarian-flavored creamers or festive sugar cubes could create the perfect complement to the food and fun.

Decorations and Atmosphere

Cover the table with a classic Bavarian blue and white checked table cloth. Place some Oktoberfest-themed flags or photos strategically around the table to add to the fun. Even if you can’t drink a beer, photos of brimming steins or hats could call up the scene. If you want to get ambitious, consider hats or makeshift lederhosen to be worn at the party. Or let your office-mates plan ahead and dress for the occasion. The music will complete the scene.  To make the party bounce, find some classic Oom-pah band music. Here’s a list of the “Top 10 Most Popular Oktoberfest Songs”. Each song on the list has an accompanying video that could be playing on a monitor, just to add to the ambiance.

Celebrate Fall

Oktoberfest is a party! And just because we’re working is no reason to short-change the fun of fall.  Eat and drink the flavors of Munich and have a great time with your colleagues.