There are two types of people in the office space: those who love to clean, organize, and spiff up their surroundings and those who do not. Regardless of which type of person you are, an office spring cleaning is a necessary task that is likely long overdue.

It may seem like just another chore or work duty, but an office spring cleaning could actually improve productivity. Several studies suggest that an organized workspace that is clean leads to happier, more productive employees.

Now that we know an office spring cleaning is a must, here are some tips to make sure your office cleaning goes off without a hitch.

Schedule Time Specifically for Your Office Spring Cleaning

Whether you work with others or are all alone in your workspace, setting aside time dedicated to cleaning will save time and energy in the long run. If others are involved, send out a calendar invite to everyone that should be involved. Neglecting to schedule time leads to opportunities for pushing this task off and having your spring-cleaning turn into summer or fall cleanup.

Gather the Necessary Cleaning Items Ahead of Time

The last thing you want to happen after setting up an office-wide spring-cleaning day is to run out of paper towels! Check out our catalog of janitorial supplies for the things you might need like over-sized trash bags, cleaners, paper towels, and even supplies for the kitchen like coffee filters. Planning ahead will help your spring cleaning be as complete and effective as possible.

Divide the Day into Sections

Looking at a cluttered office or cubicle can be daunting and lead to a feeling of hopelessness. Tackle the array of tasks in separate chunks of time. Even a simple division like making the morning half of the day for getting rid of unnecessary paperwork or desk clutter and the second half for physical cleaning can help everyone feel less overwhelmed.

Alternatively, if there are many people involved in the spring cleaning, dividing up into teams by responsibility could help. For instance, “Team A” could work on the kitchen while “Team B” cleans all the computer screens and keyboards.

A Complete Spring Cleaning Will Eliminate Having to Do Random Tasks Later

The more effort you and your team put into the spring cleaning, the less you will need to worry about simple chores down the road. Take notice of any office supplies that may be low, so you can stock up now before suddenly running out. Pay attention to the details like wiping vents to avoid having to break out the cleaning supplies again later. Tidy up the cables snaking everywhere under your desk before the stress of the sight of them kicks in when you are busy with work projects.

Focus on every detail while you have your cleaning time set aside. This will ensure you have spent your valuable time wisely and can look forward to a clean and organized space that encourages productivity.