Moving from working in the office to home was an interesting and sometimes difficult transition for today’s workforce. Now, offices are opening back up when things are not 100% settled. However, there are a few proven and simple steps you can take to keep your staff safe and healthy.

David Henchel, president, and CEO of Corporate Coffee Systems (CCS), says, “We understand that CCS has the responsibility of ensuring that the health and safety of our employees and customers is not compromised.”

For this reason, he’s put in place internal policies and precautions to protect both his staff and yours. Some of the steps he’s implemented include:

  • Temperature checks before entering the building
  • Constant cleaning and sanitizing throughout the building
  • Social distancing and telework when possible
  • Installing touch-free dispensers for hand sanitizers, soaps, utensils, etc., and
  • Providing personal protective equipment

To further help protect your employees, CCS has created a guide of our own, as well as products and services explained in more detail below.

Clean and Sanitize Your Breakroom

Today’s breakrooms have gotten more use as people try limiting exposure outside the office. To keep the everyday equipment like coffee brewers and water coolers, etc. clean and safe to use, they should be cleaned, sanitized, and have filters replaced. From there, cleaning regularly is recommended.

CCS has a professional Equipment Sanitization and Restart Program to get you started. The program ensures all inside and outside parts are cleaned, sanitized, and calibrated, giving you and your employees peace of mind.

Promote Social Distancing

Around 75% of employees are said to be concerned about coming back to work due to the potential spread of illness. Obviously, this cannot be ignored.

We’ve created bold, eye-catching signs and decals for your floors and walls to help spread awareness, not illness. Choose from stock designs or customize your own.

Some of the wall signage we offer promotes:

  • Hand-washing
  • Social distance awareness: “Let’s be Safe – Keep Some Space (6’ Apart)”
  • Breakroom notices
  • CDC COVID-19 info-posters

Some of the floor decals we offer include:

  • 6-foot distance markers
  • “Stop Here” markers
  • Fun, social distance awareness: “United We Stand – Just not too close.”
  • Custom designs

Sometimes, signs aren’t enough. What happens when your employees have desks close to each other, or your receptionist needs to interact with customers or clients? For those instances, safety barriers are a comfortable option. From our partial wall barriers to sneeze guards, your employees will feel more at ease knowing they’re in their own space.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Providing your employees with PPE is an easy and effective way to keep everyone thriving. Instant hand-sanitizers, face shields, disposable gloves, no-touch thermometers, and KN95 face masks are just a few of the items CCS has to offer.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Sanitizing, social distancing, and PPE are three truly important and easy-to-implement tools for a safe workplace. You and your staff will feel more at-home knowing these protective steps have been taken.