Few people enjoy being surrounded by clutter. While some people are hoarders by nature, most others prefer spending time in neatly-kept spaces. Psychologists have long said that there are mental health benefits associated with living and working in tidy spaces, with increased productivity and better quality of work being two of the main benefits. Utilizing feng shui principles will help organize any space, and below are several points which speak to how you can incorporate feng shui into your office space to maximize productivity.

Understand the Space You’re Working With

Before you can organize effectively, you need to first assess your office space and then develop a thought-out plan for organizing. Whether you’re in a home office or a standard cubical, the assessment phase is essential; if you start organizing without a clear vision and plan, you may lose momentum midway through and be left with an even bigger mess. Also, assessing space is essential if you want to organize with feng shui in mind, for you’ll need to know how and where things should be distributed to maximize positive energy flow. Remember that consistency helps create a sense of comfort.

Get Rid of Clutter

How are you supposed to get anything done in an office that’s overwhelmed by clutter? Stacks of papers that should’ve been thrown out years ago and disheveled office supplies can make you feel like nothing is getting accomplished, even when, in reality, you’re being quite productive. Feng shui is all about maximizing positive energy through the organization of the space; therefore, clutter must be eliminated in order for positive energy to flow freely.

Handling clutter may be the most difficult part of office organization, but it’s far from impossible. With a thought-out plan of action, along with dedication and time, office decluttering is accomplishable. Once your office is free of unnecessary clutter, you can really begin to focus on feng shui principles, that if utilized properly, will help you excel at your job.

Focus on Positive Energy

In the humdrum routine of work, positive energy is sometimes scarce. That’s why it’s important to create your own positive energy, and feng shui-inspired offices are good for this. If you don’t want the dullness of the day to permeate into your thriving office space, surround yourself with objects that uplift your spirits. Looking at family pictures, inspirational quotes, photos of a favorite vacation destination, and other fun knickknacks can help boost productivity and quality of work.

Bring in Plants to Promote Good Vibes

If you’re feeling zapped of energy, and if completing the rest of your work seems impossible, it may be time to bring new life into your office space. Having a plant nearby when you work is great for several reasons: plants are pleasant to look at, they smell great, touching them can be soothing, and they increase oxygen levels in a small area. Feng shui is about positive energy, and nothing emits more positive energy than a vibrant plant that’s full of life.