Why Buy Organic?

Organic products have become a major part of the American food and beverage industry. Many organic coffee products on the market today greatly appeal to health conscious individuals who avoid products that use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic coffee is free from harmful chemicals, and is generally healthier for you. When farmers eliminate the use of the chemicals during coffee production, they avoid the environmental risk of pollution, and negatively impacting local wildlife.

Most of the organic coffee on the market today is naturally grown within the shade of lush forests. These forested coffee farms provide homes to important wild plants and animals that keep these fragile ecosystems alive. In the 1970’s coffee farmers successfully developed full sun coffee farming techniques, and quickly began deforesting areas and planting full sun coffee crops that would produce higher yields and profits. This practice has caused many environmental side effects including water pollution within local surrounding communities.

Organic coffee drinkers are not only advocates for their own health, but also indirectly support natural farming practices that are healthier for the environment.

What Is Fair Trade & The Rainforest Alliance?

Fair trade USA was created to help protect small-scale coffee farmers from middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its market value. It also guarantees coffee farmers a minimum price for their coffee harvest, and connects them directly with global importers. Building ongoing ethical relationships between farmers and coffee importers promotes sustainability within all aspects of the industry. Since Fair Trade USA was formed, coffee farmers now earn better incomes, and enthusiastically invest in the quality of their product.

The Rainforest Alliance is an organization that works to improve the health and livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities. Coffee farms that earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, undergo a rigorous annual audit to ensure that all specific environmental, social and economic criteria are met. All the certification criteria focuses on protecting the environment, and improving the incomes of coffee farmers worldwide. Rainforest Alliance certification also helps to establish respect for local communities by promoting decent wages, working conditions, gender equality, and access to education for the children of the community.

On Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms, crops grow in constant harmony with the natural surroundings; soil remains healthy, local waterways are protected, trash is recycled, and wildlife thrives in a healthy eco-system. By supporting certified coffee farmers, your helping educate communities and protect the lands that need to remain a source of income for future generations.

The $100 billion dollar US coffee industry must embrace the environmental, and social guidelines that have been established by organic farming, fair trade, and The Rainforest Alliance. These standards ensure participating coffee farms, their communities, and the product they produce are sustainable. Support Organic farming, fair trade, and The Rainforest Alliance. Your beloved beverage will taste a little better knowing it was made responsibly…

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