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Micro-markets are the on-trend refreshment solution for New York City break rooms. Why? Because they offer dozens of benefits. They can transform your break room to make it more inviting. Thus, boosting company morale. Alternatively, use micro-markets to welcome back employees with grab-and-go options. Picture a bright, refreshment destination full of snacks, food, and beverages to keep your staff fed, fit, and happy.

What Makes Micro-Markets Different?

New York City micro-markets are fully accessible. Cold food is kept in glass-front coolers, with fresh items being restocked and rotated often. Popular snacks and candy are put on shelves and racks. This creates the feel of a miniature store in the break room. It also allows staff to check labels, and choose items that will fit their needs.

All micro-markets also include a user-friendly kiosk to pay for products. Employees self-check out at the kiosk by scanning items and paying with cash, credit card, mobile payment, or micro-market account. Moreover,  micro-markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Worried about security? Don’t be. We can install cameras to ensure a safe shopping environment for all.

Benefits For Your Team

Whether your New York City staff needs breakfast, lunch, midday snacks, or dinner, a micro-market has it. There are hundreds of products from which to choose. Plus, we rotate in new fresh food, snacks, and drinks to keep up with trends and your location’s preferences. We even include plenty of healthy items. That way employees have access to foods that support health and wellness right in your New York City office.

New York City Fresh Foods | Office Coffee | Micro-Markets in Break Rooms

One of the best micro-market benefits is its on-site location. There’s no need to drive to a restaurant or local convenience store. The micro-market takes its place. And because there are so many delicious food and beverage choices, employees are happy to shop there.

Benefits For Your Business

Because it offers on-site refreshments, a micro-market can attract top talent and help retain staff. And, our office coffee service is a great add-on to a micro-market. That’s because it builds on the employee benefits package to increase satisfaction and enhance workplace culture. You can even subsidize micro-markets. That makes them a great staff perk.

Micro-markets can be custom designed to match your company’s branding. Yet, they require no work on your part. Corporate Coffee Systems remotely monitors the micro-market, revamps the selection, and restocks the break room. Therefore, our micro-markets are a turnkey solution for your business.

Use Micro-Markets to Increase Productivity

Micro-markets help make your break room a place for employees to recharge. Fresh food, cold beverages, and healthy snacks are all there for them, all day, every day. It becomes a place to gather and collaborate, making staff feel like a team and better perform.

To learn more about New York micro-markets from Corporate Coffee Systems, call us today at (800) 284-CORP. Or, email us at We are ready to help you build a break room service that recruits and retains top talent.