When you need to boost productivity and performance and determine the overall job satisfaction for your employees, our employee feedback survey questions might help you get there. Whether you want to understand the dynamics of your company or improve morale within your organization, employee feedback questions are essential to achieve those goals. But, identifying which questions to ask may come with its own set of challenges. Below, we have chosen a few questions that will help you collect all the information you need to build an effective survey.

General Feedback for the Organization

The best way to improve morale within your company is to gauge how your employees feel about the organization as a whole.  The following questions will help you determine whether your employees feel safe, challenged, and enjoy working for you. With questions ranging from growth and values to work/life balance, you will identify the areas in which your organization can improve to boost productivity and morale.

Do you feel like employees are protected from discrimination at this organization?

Do you see a future for yourself within this organization?

Do our organization’s values align with your own?

Do you feel like you have a healthy work/life balance?

Do you feel challenged daily?

Why did you join our company?

Do you enjoy working here?

Do you feel like your work contributes to this organization?

Management Feedback

Employees will feel appreciated by their manager when they receive regular feedback and recognition and will feel more valued and appreciated by the organization as a whole. From clearly defined goals to management transparency, these questions are a few key areas that might help your employees feel valued and increase productivity within your organization.

Do you feel like the management team is transparent?

Do you feel like you can be honest with your manager?

Does management set clear, defined goals? When was the last time you received recognition from your manager?

Employee Satisfaction
We all produce our best work when we’re satisfied with the company we’re working for. Not only is employee satisfaction important to productivity within your organization, but also your office will experience fewer turnovers and an increase in employee loyalty.

If you leave the company tomorrow, what would your reason be?

Do you feel like you have the flexibility to take time off when needed?

How happy are you at work?

Do you have access to the materials needed to work efficiently?

Employee Relationships

Every department within your organization works as a team to produce the best work. The following questions will help you determine how employees get along and collaborate with their peers.

Can you rely on other employees when you need help?

Is there a peer you consider as your friend?

Do you collaborate well with other employees?

To find out how your employees feel about your organization, you may want to send out a few surveys regularly. From monthly surveys to annual questionnaires, these questions will help you identify how satisfied your employees feel within their roles.