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The right New York City break room services can go a long way. Your break room can be much more than space to unwind. It can also be a place of celebration and learning. Furthermore, your break room can promote employee engagement.

Curious to find out how? Continue reading to learn how better break room services can engage and excite your staff.

Spotlight Special Events and Holidays

Your New York City break room is the perfect place to celebrate your team. Does an employee have an upcoming birthday? Is a holiday around the corner? If so, highlight these special days in your break room.

Firstly, use your New York City micro-market kiosk screen to promote special days. Additionally, your office coffee service can boost feelings of festivity. For example, offer seasonal creamers to promote holiday cheer. Peppermint is a delicious winter flavor!

You can also spotlight special events on break room TVs. For instance, use the television to broadcast birthdays or local events.

Showcase Staff Success Via Break Room Services

Want to show your crew you care? If so, be sure to recognize their achievements! Promote a team mentality in your break room. Celebrate great quarterly earnings with refreshments. Or, thank your staff for reaching their sales goals. Highlight their success with celebratory messaging. Similarly, you can reward them with funds toward New York City refreshment services.
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Promote Professional Development

Support your team’s professional development. Use your New York City break room as a place for education. For example, your can host monthly lunch-and-learns. This fosters collaboration and connection. Employees can chat, share ideas, and learn new things. As a result, they’ll develop deeper bonds.

Inclusive Menu Options

Be sure to offer different break room menu choices. For instance, provide vegan, keto, and organic options. This makes every employee feel included. Healthy foods will also help your staff make better choices. Instead of grabbing a candy bar, they can enjoy an apple.

New York City micro-markets make inclusive menus easy to offer! That’s because there is more variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages available.

Create a Sense of Community

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Use the New York City break room to bring your crew closer together. Comfortable seats create a relaxing environment. Instead of eating at their desks, employees can eat lunch with each other. Best of all, they’ll love lounging in a comfortable break room space.

Upgrade your New York City vending service to a micro-market or office pantry solution to encourage meaningful connections. What a great workplace perk!

Engage Employees with Better New York City Break Room Services

Excite your staff with superior break room solutions. Corporate Coffee Systems can help! We’ll work closely with you to find the best services for your needs. To learn more, call us today at (800) 284-CORP.