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Ever wish you could have a coffee shop in your New York City office? Are you dreaming of a cafe-quality cappuccino, but don’t have time to stand in line at the cafe two blocks away? Then keep reading, because as part of our New York City office coffee service we offer De Jong DUKE coffee brewers. These single-cup coffee machines can recreate a coffee shop experience right in your New York City break room. No barista necessary.

Powerhouse coffee brewers

De Jong DUKE has created several innovative coffee brewers. Examples include the Nio and the Virtu.


With the Nio, you can create specialty drinks from steaming espresso to a fresh milk latte. How? It starts with the 10.4-inch touchscreen that lets you review all the drink options and customize a beverage to your liking. Then the exact volume of beans is dropped from the hopper at the top and ground into the perfect-size grind. You can hear it working!

Once ground, the coffee is used to brew your drink. You can smell it being made! Finally, high-quality additions are mixed in, such as cocoa. Or the fresh milk option. It’s the perfect complimentary service for employers looking to impress employees. It goes wonderfully with free snacks that are part of an office panty service.


The Virtu gives your break room the same sensory experience as the Nio bean-to-cup brewer, but with a higher drink capacity. The touchscreen makes choosing your drink a breeze. Beans are ground and brewed fresh for each person. The Virtu delivers the experience of a cafe, but also has a jug option for company meetings and easy cleaning features.

Both De Jong DUKE brewers offer a hands-free feature. Your New York City employees can download the mobile app and order a drink with their smartphones! It’s a terrific way to cut down on germs and enjoy the freshest possible coffee.

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Inviting innovation and productivity

Offering coffee in the break room has benefits beyond tasty, hot drinks. Coffee brewers like De Jong DUKE facilitate positive employee interactions in the break room. Staff can stay onsite for breaks instead of fighting traffic or waiting in lines at busy cafes just for their caffeine pick-me-up. This can lead to increased productivity.

The benefits of a bean-to-cup coffee maker in your break room are like those of a micro-market. With fresh food, snacks, and dozens of cold beverages, a New York City micro-market fosters collaboration. Envision your team coming together to brew their drinks and/or grab lunch. While there, they see colleagues, compare notes on difficult projects, and find new-cross department solutions. Paired together, a De Jong DUKE coffee maker and micro-market can lead to happier employees. That creates a more positive workplace culture and better retention rates.

See Bean-to-Cup Coffee Brewers in action

Interested in a De Jong DUKE? Come see it in action. Our showroom is available to all New York City businesses. It has more than just bean-to-cup brewers. There are single-cup pod brewers, cold brew, and sparkling water as well. You won’t regret making an appointment. Not only do you get to see and use the brewing system, but you get to taste the results. It’s the best way to trust you’ll get the best office coffee solution.

In the end, opting for a brewer such as De Jong DUKE means your staff can enjoy the feel of a coffee house without the hassle of going to one.  Enjoy bean-to-cup alone or with another break room solution specially curated for New York City businesses. Contact us at  Corporate Coffee Systems or call us at (800) 284-CORP to learn more.