Sustainability at Corporate Coffee Systems is more than just a fad or hip jargon – it’s part of our ethos. To do our part to help save the planet, we source materials and supplies from responsible, sustainable partners like Reunion Island Coffee Roasters and The Emerald Brand. These partners allow us to fulfill our mission of delivering a service that satisfies our clients, is innovative, locally sourced, health conscious, sustainable, and of superior quality. To better understand our commitment to sustainability and the efforts of our partners, we wanted to share their stories.      

Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

Founded in 1995, Reunion Island Coffee Roasters serves the unique needs of fine restaurants, hotels, cafes, and others to deliver a superior, sustainable coffee product. Like Corporate Coffee, Reunion has placed sustainability at the core of its mission and publishes annually a sustainability report. In 2017, the company used less natural gas, less electricity, and less water per roasted pound than the year before. These reductions were realized through investments in alternative and sustainable practices such as using bullfrog power – a 100% green, carbon-free power generation has been used by the roastery since 2008.

Trees for the Future is another sustainable program of the company. With the support of their customers, the company has been able to plant over 800,000 trees in Haiti, Brazil, and Tanzania by planting two trees for every pound of Sierra Verde Coffee sold.

These two initiatives, in addition to being certified USDA Organic, a Certified B Corporation (a company working toward one unifying goal of incorporating social and environmental benefits into business success), Fair Trade Certified, TCO Cert for processing organic coffee, and a member of the Rainforest Alliance, are demonstrations of a company loyally committed to sustainability.

Emerald Brand

Our other key sustainability partner is the Emerald Brand. Their mission is simple – Protect Life. Emerald Brand fights climate change by providing products and solutions that help mainstream sustainability in offices all around the world. From cups and plates to bath-tissue and cleaners, Emerald provides chemical free, sustainable products that are safe for the environment.

Also, Emerald pioneered the ideas of Farm to Paper and Farm to Tissue in developing its American grown, American made products. Using rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane bagasse, wheat, and miscanthus, instead of traditional hardwood trees, Emerald’s products are more sustainable and environmentally conscious than many of its competitors.

The company’s commitment to sustainability also includes a partnership with Royal Waste Systems. Together Emerald achieves a full circle/zero waste solution through a fourteen-stage process that sees their waste materials combined with organic waste to create compost. The compost is then mixed with soil to provide vital nutrients to local farms where source materials are grown.

Our true level of commitment to sustainability should be based on our actions and not our words. Partners like Reunion Island Coffee Roasters and the Emerald Brand make it possible for us to meet our client needs while ensuring a sustainable tomorrow.