Consumers, employees, and businesses alike have been shifting toward being more conscientious about waste, and it’s starting to show. As our options grow, being green gets easier and easier. If you’re a business, there are some things you can do to commit to being environmentally responsible, like partnering with Corporate Coffee.

Did you know that partnering with Emerald helped us make a significant impact last year?

Together we helped save 1173 trees, more than 53,000 pounds of plastic, over 350,000 gallons of water, and more than 199,000 pounds of landfill waste. That’s how we do our part, here are some ways that your business can benefit from doing its part as well!

More Business

Companies with eco-friendly products, or those considering them, will be delighted to discover that a global study found 70% of consumers aged 15-20 are happy to pay more for a sustainable product. More-so, a whopping 81% of global consumers across all age groups feel that companies should be eco-friendly. In other words, choosing eco-friendly options means customers will be looking more fondly at your products.

Not only that, your government may be looking for eco-friendly companies. While some agencies will only sign contracts with companies striving for sustainability, there are also programs to help businesses get on board. Governments looking to hit sustainability goals may have tax incentives for businesses who will make changes for that goal.

Better Productivity

Studies are beginning to show that businesses voluntarily choosing sustainable options and eco-friendly products are seeing unexpected boons in the workplace. Productivity being a first and foremost one. That is, 16% more productivity over businesses who aren’t eco-friendly, according to a 2012 study in Paris, France. These employees are also healthier. Sustainable businesses are seeing numbers that are nothing to sneeze at in health absences. Some companies see sick days reduced by up to 20%!

Saving Money

Efficiency measures save everyone money, businesses included! A 2012 report on hospitals showed a reduction in energy consumption and waste could save 15 billion dollars over a decade! Changes can be as major as structural changes in a building, but they can be smaller steps like using sustainable office products or adding “smart thermostats”  that control temperatures throughout the day automatically.

Getting started can be as easy as going paperless. Not only can this change save money, but it also saves the planet. An A4 sheet of paper can take up to 10 liters of water to produce.

It can also include the humble coffee cup. From sustainable coffee to compostable cups, grabbing a drink can be substantial. With 16 billion disposable coffee cups being thrown away every year, this small choice can have a dramatic impact both ecologically and economically. Another great option is the everyday napkin. Americans average 693 billion napkins a year.

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of being sustainable with Corporate Coffee, we hope you’ll celebrate them with us. If not, consider joining us this year. With so many precious resources saved – such as 350,926 gallons of water and 1,173 trees just last year – and this many positive effects of supporting sustainable options, it’s easy to see why so many companies are making this choice!