Is Cold Brew Coffee Really Healthier Than Hot Coffee Brews?

Attention lovers of cold brew coffee! You may have thought that this would lower your heartburn or provide more health benefits, but in fact, this might be something circulating that is not entirely true. Even though you’re searching for that cold brew coffee equipment in New York as we speak, you will want to keep reading to learn even more.

The Research on Cold Brew Coffee

Research was done through two pretty heavily caffeinated researchers from Jefferson University. They wanted to find out which was actually better for you – cold or hot brew coffee. They even wrote a paper on their findings.

The acidic levels of both types of brews were comparable, with levels around 4.85 and 5.13 on both. The higher the pH level was, the less likely it was to cause an upset stomach. Another finding that they came across during this study was that hot brew has more antioxidants in it than cold brew.

Even though they did the test under many different circumstances so that they could see how different the variations were. They changed up the type of coffee, the temperatures of the water, the type of roast, the water chemistry and more. They were trying to see if anything would change the benefits that came from either.

Both of the researchers are coffee connoisseurs, so they know that you love what you love and you might not change your habits just because hot coffee might be a smidge better for you. Additionally, the amount of cream and sugar that is placed in coffee can actually be a big factor on what is and is not good for you and your health.

Benefits of Any Coffee Brew

Coffee in general comes with many health benefits, regardless of if it is hot or iced. This is something to keep in mind, because so many think that coffee can be harmful to your health, it is actually something that can help it.

Next, the researchers are looking into how long cold brew coffee can stay stored in the fridge. This is because homemade brew is healthier for you than what is mixed and sold in the bottles at the stores.

Commercial Coffee Solutions

Having this information can help many companies across the globe find out how they should be making their coffee, hot or cold. This can be something that continues a great tradition of finding other things to test out. Knowing what is good for you is always a good thing, especially for those of us that drink a good amount of coffee throughout the week. You want to know what you’re putting in is not going to be harmful to your health.

Rest assured, coffee is one of those things that is too good to be true and not all that bad for you, either.

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