Coffee consumption continues to rise with new and unique ways to consume the product. Outlined below we have several trends to look out for in the realm of coffee.

Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee subscriptions will become more of the norm allowing buyers to handpick the varieties they want as well as try new coffees. This has become more prevalent with this COVID-19 pandemic and will only continue to grow as suppliers have been able to scale their business direct to consumers.

Healthy Coffee

Healthier coffee options are becoming trendier. Coffees leveraging the health benefits of matcha and even mushrooms like Chaga are being infused and blended into more traditional coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Expect to see more milk substitutes in this realm as well.

Plant-based Proteins in Coffee

Milk substitutes are on the rise. Plant-based flavors and non-dairy creamers such as soy, almond, and coconut milk are being added for health and dietary benefit as well as flavor.

Whipped Coffee and Other International Varieties

Whipped coffee started in Korea and features a whipped coffee made of instant coffee floating atop milk. Similarly, Turkish coffee is an extra-fine ground coffee that easily dissolves in water. Lastly is Vietnamese coffee which is an iced coffee featuring a layer of sweet and condensed milk.

Ready-to-Drink Coffees

Canned, bottled and boxed coffees that are ready to drink are increasing in popularity – especially in Europe. These drinks offer time-saving benefits packed with flavor. Cold Brew in particular is one of the more popular items in this category.

Snapchilled Coffee

Not to be mistaken for cold brew, snapchilled coffee is a coffee created via freshly brewed coffee being instantly cooled to extract deeper flavor and stronger aromas. Could be considered the next evolution of cold brew.

Coffee Tourism

Similar to the farm-to-table concept in produce and meat, coffee tourism is meant to offer an experience covering the growth, production, and consumption of coffee in an authentic and accessible way. This is particularly on the rise with millennials.

Hybrid Beverages

Tea infusions, coffees with added CBD, and others will become a thing of the norm for more than just the health-conscious. These beverages are designed for their health benefits and stress-reducing properties.


Buttered Coffee

Butter subbed into coffee instead of milk is meant to provide more nutrition and enhance the flavor of a coffee. For keto dieters avoiding sugar or paleo dieters avoiding dairy, this can be an extremely helpful substitution and welcome addition to coffee.

Homemade Coffee

Like coffee subscriptions, we can expect to see an increase in at-home baristas. Canned coffee, instant coffee, and recyclable coffee pods will be on the rise and aid home brewers in more efficient and sustainably conscious coffee choices.

Tea and Coffee in Bars

Tea and coffee cocktails are expected to take off even more in bars as a healthy substitute for those looking to avoid consuming alcohol.

We can expect to see all of the trends build over the next year with the focus on authentic and at-home experiences at the forefront.