Our love for coffee has only grown over the years and will continue to grow. As we move through 2019, here are some of the trends popping up that help us indulge in one of our favorite treats!

Sustainable Coffee

With so many people drinking more and more coffee, the public is more aware than ever how important it is to care for the source of our coffee. Entire coffee roasting companies are being built around the promise that their coffee is grown responsibly, and their farmers are paid well enough to live.

Traveling Coffee

Coffee bottled and canned and ready to go is a growing market! While it sometimes conflicts with the idea that coffee is a fine drink, it offers a promise in its compromises. Coffee can be purchased in a store and left in the fridge for when you just don’t have the time or means to make coffee happen, but you could really use some. It also offers coffee-drinkers the option to have Nitro brew coffee without leaving home!

Nitro Coffee

Nitro brewing is a somewhat newer and exciting way to brew coffee and beers. Coffee is infused with nitrogen to create a smoother, creamier drink. Nitro is often enjoyed black. Of course, pre-prepared options won’t be quite as silky, but they are still one of the most common portable coffee options.

Coffee as a Fine Drink

Like wines, whiskeys, and cheeses, coffee-drinkers are learning to take a sip of coffee and try to take it in. Is it nutty? Fruity? Chocolatey? Are those notes of cinnamon? Cherry? A result of these carefully selected sustainable coffees roasted in small batches and brewed with careful attention, most any coffee is something that can be enjoyed plain.

Café-Specific Flavors

With big companies like Starbucks to compete with and coffee-drinkers with a sweet tooth to serve, cafes are creating their own specials. Most cafes now have a flavor blend that’s unique to that location or chain, or, in the fall, their own special “pumpkin spice” blend.

Local Roasters

It’s easy to justify importing wines, beers, and other fine goods because they are simply made a certain way in that certain region or by a single location company. However, with coffee, time is of the essence. Once your beans are roasted, they only have so long before their oils begin to spoil. It’s now recommended to opt for a local roaster over any fancy-named roaster, even from a coffee-centric region. Local roasters also carry the advantage of face-to-face conversation and an openness for your questions and suggestions.

Milk Alternatives

Nowadays, we know not everyone can or enjoys drinking cow’s milk. It’s still the standard option for many cafes, but cafes are also keeping a variety milk alternatives. The most common ones are soy, almond, and coconut, but some cafes with enough demand expand even further to other non-dairy milks. Whether you’re looking out for allergies, calories, or just preference, most cafes now have options for you!