There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee, and we all love the smell of coffee brewing in the office! Wouldn’t you love to have your favorite latte or some espresso to beat the afternoon slump? That is why a Bean to Cup brewer is perfect for the workplace setting. These brewers that include the Starbucks Serenade, the de JONG DUKE Nio, the Moriondo, and many more allow you to create drinks just like your local barista would. You can choose your drink, the size, and even choose between whole bean and ground coffee. Your next coffee break is right around the corner!

The Starbucks Serenade allows you to make coffee, iced coffee, Tazo Chai Latte, and hot chocolate. It has three cup sizes, and you can make a whole pot for the office with the 60oz carafe. It also brews in under a minute, so you’re never late for a meeting! The Moriondo has two cup sizes, is very easy to clean, and you can create beverages including Americano, espresso, and cappuccino latte. You can visit the Bean to Brew Website to view other systems that meet your specific coffee and office needs!

Creating a coffee shop experience in the office can be very uplifting and motivating to employees. Coffee is known to be something that bonds people all over the world, and what better way to do that than by having the best coffee there is at work. These machines can help you accomplish that. There are so many options for creating the coffee of your dreams, and the taste is amazing. Once you have chosen the machine that fits your office needs, you can stock up your coffee bar at work. Whole bean coffee can give your coffee a fresher taste. Make sure to have hot chocolate, whole bean coffee, and different coffee flavors on hand so that everyone in the office can make the type of drink that they like. Having accouterments like pumpkin spice, yummy flavors one can add, and fresh cream or milk will take your coffee to the next level. Wouldn’t you love to have a pumpkin spice latte or Americano any time you want? Another tip is to change up coffee add-ins with the seasons. Peppermint mocha is perfect for the holidays, and during other times of the year, vanilla may be the perfect addition. Finally, make sure you are stocked with cups, stirrers, and lids!

The best part about adding one of these coffee machines to the office is that the possibilities are endless, and everyone will be able to enjoy a cup whenever they need a pick me up. It has also been proven that coffee improves productivity. Coffee drinkers at work tend to be happier, and sharing a cup of coffee with co-workers makes bonds stronger. There are even studies that show that consuming caffeine before working on a computer or at a desk relieves pain. So cheers to however you like your coffee: hot, cold, strong, or sweet because Bean to Cup can make any of those happen!