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September is Better Breakfast Month so it is a great time to talk about the morning meal. Do you realize just how important breakfast is? Because many people don’t, including employees in New York City, Brooklyn Heights, and Greenpoint. That is a problem. Because in reality, breakfast might be the most critical meal of the day for office morale and productivity.

Why You Need a Good Breakfast

In the morning, your body needs a jumpstart. It has been in a fasting state all night. Therefore, if you eat breakfast, your body changes. You get a boost, including a charge to your metabolism.

You don’t just get physical benefits from breakfast, but mental ones as well. Cognitive functions, such as critical thinking, brainstorming, and even problem-solving, all require your brain. And your brain needs a steady supply of nutrients to keep on working.

In addition, eating breakfast enhances your mood in the morning. It raises blood sugar levels and leads to a release of hormones that boost your feelings of well-being. As a result, your morning is a great start to a productive day.

Breakfast Ideas to Try

Now that you see how breakfast can benefit you, let’s talk about options. You want something quick because you’re busy. It also has to deliver nutrients and long-lasting energy. Here are 4 breakfasts to try:

1. Breakfast Burrito
Roll into your morning with a flavorful breakfast burrito. Nothing is more versatile. Pack a tortilla with scrambled eggs or sauteed tofu. Add veggies or salsa for an added boost of vitamins and minerals. A burrito is a great place to use leftovers too, from vegetable sides to meat dishes. Heat and wrap it all up. Then you have a handheld breakfast delight.

2. Oatmeal with Nuts or Seeds
Warm up with a hearty bowl of oatmeal. It’s nutritious and can be naturally gluten free. Take it to the next level by sprinkling it with nuts and seeds. These add a crunchy texture, but also healthy fats. Many nuts and seeds such as chia, flaxseed, and hemp are known for having omega-3 fatty acids. This can lessen the risk of heart attacks and stroke. All this makes oatmeal a wholesome way to kickstart your day with tons of energy.

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3. Yogurt with Fruit and Granola
Dive into a creamy cup of yogurt layered with tasty goodies. You can’t go wrong with nut and seed filled granola plus fruit. Fresh, in-season fruit is best, but frozen or canned fruit can also be delicious. This yogurt “parfait” can be a balanced and quick breakfast that’s full of flavor. You may even find this option in your Brooklyn Heights micro-market.

4. Fiber Cereal with Milk
Let’s not forget the classic breakfast choice – cereal. Enjoy a bowl of a fiber-rich cereal topped with cold milk for a beneficial meal. Change it up with different types of milk, including non-dairy options. Or add fruit for an extra burst of flavor. Cereal is a quick and familiar staple for breakfast through the generations. It’s also a favorite food option to offer through our Greenpoint office pantry service.

Add Breakfast to Your Break Room Services

Whether you have a Brooklyn Heights break room or a Greenpoint office, breakfast options are easy to add. For example, in your New York City micro-market you can have hearty burritos or creamy yogurts. Plus, a micro-market holds many more options than a New York City vending machine, making it more desirable.

Don’t forget New York City office coffee service. After all, coffee is the most well-known breakfast drink in the United States. But don’t forget those that like a nice hot tea in the morning. Offering multiple hot drink options can really drive up employee satisfaction.

Make Breakfast a Must-Do

Start your day off the right way! It will jumpstart your body and your mind so you can perform your best. Better yet, get delicious breakfast choices in your New York City, Brooklyn Heights, or Greenpoint break room with a micro-market. The cooler is filled with options, such as burritos and yogurt. Contact Corporate Coffee Systems, a leading New York City break room solutions provider, at (800) 284-CORP. Or, email us at