Tea shouldn’t just be introduced at the onset of colds, flu, and other illness. We can use tea to boost our immune health and even prevent illness. We breakdown the top teas based on their immune-boosting properties below.


Turmeric in the diet has been shown to help the immune system which is helpful to protect the body from illness. It also provides the body with Vitamin B6, Iron, and potassium. This tea can reduce pain with its anti-inflammatory properties and help soothe upset stomachs.


Ginger is often thought of as the go-to tea for soothing an upset stomach, but it provides the body with additional benefits like helping to open the nasal passages which in turn can prevent cold and flu.


This tea variety has been shown to have borderline medicinal properties and benefits like increasing the number of white blood cells to fight infection as well as supporting overall immune function.


Tea featuring Hibiscus provides health benefits like lowering high blood pressure. This tea has been shown to lower blood pressure in those with mild hypertension. It also supplies the body with another source of Vitamin C and Iron.


Citrus teas are known for being a great source of vitamin C, but it also provides the body with potassium which helps the body stay hydrated.


This tasty green drink is packed with antioxidants which help stabilize free radicals (compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease). Matcha also includes a dose of caffeine which can boost overall brain function.

Green Tea

This other green beverage is often the first touted for healthy drinking. This tea has shown benefits like promoting healthy blood flow which aids with memory, focus, and illness prevention.


Tea derived from goji berries helps to soothe the digestive system while also providing zinc which is a key nutrient for warding off illness. This berry can also be mixed with other teas like ginger.


A lesser-known tea but still potent in preventing illness, nonetheless. This tea contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium, and Phosphorus which provide the health benefits of the vitamins as well as antioxidant properties needed to help fight free radicals.


Like ginger tea, peppermint helps with digestion and gut health while also stimulating the brain to aid focus. Some claim peppermint can even soothe headaches and migraines.


Rooibos tea contains quercetin and rutin (bioflavonoids that block the release of histamines). Aside from that major benefit, this variety can also provide the body with Vitamin C – aiding in the production and function of white blood cells.


Looking for a boost in stamina, balanced metabolism, and aid in digestion? Tulsi, also known as “Holy Basil”, is an herb deriving from India offering a variety of health benefits to those who drink it.

The teas above derive from a variety of natural herbs, plants, and spices each having properties ranging from antiviral to antimicrobial and even vitamin boosting. Drink up!