You’ve decided that your office is in dire need of a coffee machine. But what kind should you get? Can you just bring in the old coffee pot that’s been collecting dust in your attic? It may have worked great for you at home, but you’ll soon find that an office environment requires a bit more than your trusty kitchen coffee pot – you’re going to need to invest in a commercial coffee machine.

Corporate Coffee Systems offers a wide variety of commercial coffee machines for the office, but you might find it hard to choose just one. To help you decide, we’ll take a look at and compare the different styles of office coffee machines.

Pod Machines and Keurig Coffee Makers

Both of these single-cup brewing machines are perfect for office use because they offer the greatest level of customization. Employees can choose the pod or K-cup they like best, or even bring their own from home to suit their tastes. Both pod machines and Keurig coffee makers are affordable enough for a small office budget and compact enough to fit on most countertops.

Bean-to-cup Machines

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are best known for both the quality and quantity of coffee they produce. Because the coffee is prepared fresh, the flavor and aroma are unmatched, and because they’re often much larger than other coffee makers, they’re able to make copious amounts of java at a time. While these perks do make bean-to-cup machines a more expensive option, they’re the best choice for large offices and coffee aficionados.

Traditional Coffee Pots

Yes, it turns out that your traditional kitchen coffee pot does have a spot in the office after all, but don’t go lugging in your machine from home just yet. Traditional coffee makers optimized for office use are able to keep multiple pots warm at a time, which means less time spent waiting around for a new pot to brew.

Espresso Makers

Ah yes, espresso, the caffeine lover’s dream – there’s nothing like a strong shot the Italian blend to get you going, but be careful about choosing an espresso machine as your office’s primary coffee source. Not everyone enjoys it, so if you’re going to opt for an espresso-only machine, make sure those who don’t have another option available.

You don’t have to compromise if you choose a coffee maker like the Flavia Barista that can brew both espresso and other types of coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Need a way to beat the heat? Treat your office to a cold brew coffee maker – aside from being perfect for offices in hotter climates, cold brew coffee is perfect for those looking for something less acidic than regular coffee.

Choose the Right Office Coffee Machine from Corporate Coffee Systems

Think you know what type of commercial coffee machine will be best for your office? The next step is to browse our selection at Corporate Coffee Systems. There, you’ll find all of the styles listed above and more so that you can start rejuvenating with java every single day.