New York City Subsidized Micro-Markets

You might be wondering; how can a subsidized micro-market help my company? Well, did you know that 39% of employees feel unappreciated at work? Yep, it’s true. But don’t worry, we can help!

By upgrading your New York City break room, your team will feel they matter. As a result, they’ll be happier and more engaged at work. Plus, your company can also reap the benefits. With a subsidized micro-market, your employees can enjoy beverages, snacks and fresh food at a discounted cost. You can even reward employees with gift cards or market credits that they can use as cash in their employee micro-market to buy their favorite products. Therefore, your employees will feel appreciated and work harder!

Not convinced yet? Keep reading to learn more about this break room opportunity!

Employees will Feel Appreciated 

Making your team feel valued for the work they are doing is very important. For instance, showing your employees that their work matters can boost office morale. No, we’re not kidding! So, adding a subsidized micro-market is the ultimate thank you to your team. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, it will strengthen your workplace culture. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Save Money with a New York City Subsidized Micro-Market

Who isn’t looking to save a little bit of cash here and there? We know, we are! By installing a custom micro-market in your New York City break room, you provide an unmatched convenience. For example, your team will be able grab a quick snack or bite to eat right down the hall. That’s right!  Gone are the days where employees feel rushed on their lunch break! 

A Subsidized Micro-Market Increases Productivity 

Businesses that acknowledge their employees’ hard work tend to have more engaged workers. As a result, this creates more productivity in the workplace. Research shows that happier employees are 13% more productive at work! So, upgrade your New York City refreshment services and watch your productivity and office morale soar. We promise, you won’t regret it!


New York City Micro-Markets

Boost Collaboration Amongst Employees

Our custom micro-markets are designed with your team in mind. Your team can stop by for a delicious cup of coffee to connect and collaborate. Plus, our open floor plans make it easy! In addition, this can create better workplace relationships and increases employee satisfaction. With a one-of-a-kind space, employees will be able to reset and recharge. Therefore, you’ll see more creativity and productiveness for your New York City business. 

Retain Employees with a Subsidized Micro-Market

On average, it can cost your company upwards of $30,000 when you lose a quality employee! Instead of this, spend a fraction of that by providing your staff a New York City micro-market with reduced prices. Stock the shelves with their favorite refreshments and watch your workplace satisfaction reach new heights. 

So, are you interested in easily retaining and attracting quality employees with a great company culture? We can help you do this with our premium New York City break room solutions.

To get started, contact Corporate Coffee Systems at (800) 284-CORP or We look forward to working with you!