Coffee is one of the quintessential parts of a New Yorker’s everyday routine. This hallowed morning ritual has embedded itself into the culture of one of New York’s hippest boroughs; Brooklyn.

It’s no accident that New York is the city that never sleeps — It has the caffeine affinity to back it up.

From Workplace Willpower to Corner Cafes

Coffee wasn’t always the artisan beverage we’ve all grown to love. In the 18th and 19th centuries, coffee was vital, as it served as a catalyst for long hours during the Industrial Revolution.

Workers depended on coffee to keep them alert while servicing an infrastructure to support World War I and II. A lack of labor laws meant little time for lunch or food breaks, making coffee a staple amongst the bustling urban community.

In fact, those in the war became so dependent on coffee that the influx of beans to the United States increased steadily following WW1.

Following the war, coffee continued to embed itself within the city and produced a handful of the coffee pioneers we know today:

William Black- The founder of the Chock Full O’ Nuts Coffee empire was born in Bushwick.

Joe DiMaggio- One of New York’s most famous Yankees became the face of Mr.Coffee, one of the first at-home coffee makers.

Howard Schultz- The former CEO of Starbucks was born and raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Our Brooklyn Brewers

Corporate Coffee Systems is proud to be a part of Brooklyn’s continuous coffee culture and opts to support a number of local breweries dedicate to the art of the mug. Here are a few of our local breweries.

BKG Coffee Roasters | Brewklyn Grind

BKG was founded by 3 brothers all based out of their hometown of Brooklyn. They started their art in their apartment in 2003, and have dedicated their lives to it ever since.

Brewklyn Grind prides itself on using 100% certified Arabica coffee beans and is committed to small-batch brewing to produce the best product possible.

Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street coffee is committed to the Financial District of New York, which demands a high level of output. Still, this team is committed to artisan coffee and roasts all beans in Brooklyn to maintain a high standard with every cup.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company is a New York staple and is known for its unique, high-quality flavor palettes. This chain is committed to sourcing from 3rd-party farmers to ensure that historically struggling farmers get a fair wage.

This company only operates with specific bean moisture windows, top-of-the-line Loring roasting equipment, and beans that are fair-trade certified. Clearly, this company is committed to Brooklyn Coffee Culture like no other.

There’s no mistaking it – New York is objectively the best city for coffee lovers. With its rich artisanal history, Brooklyn’s deeply embedded coffee culture continues to enchant and enrich the life of the everyday New Yorker. Here at Corporate Coffee Systems, we are happy to make that vision a reality on a daily basis.