Before you click “place order” on your new office coffee maker, take another look at the item in your cart – is it really the best possible choice? The only way to be absolutely sure is to consider the following six things.

1. Office Size

How many people work in your office? For the average small office of 10 to 25 employees, a single-serve coffee machine should be perfect. But if you have a medium or large business of 100 employees or more, you might want to reconsider that single serve Keurig unless you want a line to form in the break room every morning.

2. Counter Space

How much counter space do you have available? Measure it out and compare it with the dimensions of the coffee maker you’re about to order. While it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize the coffee maker they’ve ordered is too big until it’s too late!

3. The Type of Coffee You Want

Many of today’s coffee makers are capable of more than a standard black cup of joe – they can make lattes, mochas, espresso, and cappuccinos. Do you want to get fancy with it, or stick to the tried and true traditional brew? A traditional coffee pot is cheaper, but digital brewing machines can cater to a wider variety of tastes.

4. Your Budget

Obviously, you can’t buy a coffee maker that you can’t afford, but when it comes to budgeting for a coffee machine you have to think about more than just the initial cost. For example, what type of coffee does the machine use? Pods, K-cups, grounds, or fresh beans? How much electricity will it use and how much will it cost to maintain?

5. Maintenance

How often does the machine need to be cleaned, and who’s going to clean it? Will you need to fill the machine up with water, or would you rather connect it to your building’s pipe system? While small, single-serve coffee machines require very little maintenance, a large commercial coffee machine may need to have its internal parts cleaned several times a year by a professional contractor to prevent dangerous mold buildup.

Ease of Use

The last thing you want is to set up a coffee machine that nobody can figure out how to use. A digital coffee machine with all of the bells and whistles might sound great online, but might be a hassle to use in person.

Try an Office Coffee Maker from Corporate Coffee Systems Before You Buy

Even when you take all of these things into account before buying your office coffee maker, things can still go wrong. That’s why Corporate Coffee Systems offers free in-office coffee taste testing – you get to try out the machine of your choice before you buy. If you decide you don’t like it or the way that it looks in your office, you can choose something else – there’s never been an easier, risk-free way to start energizing your office space!