Company morale is a crucial component of a well run and productive office. While perks like retirement contributions and paid sick days are staples of a great workplace, there is a myriad of other, often overlooked, perks that can boost office morale.

Employee Recognition

A worthwhile way to boost office morale is by implementing an employee recognition program. Giving an opportunity for employees to be recognized by both their superiors and colleagues makes everyone feel good about the work they are completing and fosters a positive atmosphere. There are many ways to implement an employee recognition program, from online options to a simple bulletin board posted in the office. A well-stocked office breakroom can also go a long way to helping employees feel appreciated.

Flexible Schedules

A great but underrated office perk is a flexible schedule. Giving employees the ability and trust to work when it is best for their schedule definitely boosts morale. When employees are trusted to work on their own time, they feel better about their jobs as it allows them to work without micromanagement, while still getting the job done.

Remote Work Opportunities

Now more than ever, employees need to be able to work from home. Setting up every employee so that they can work from home creates a positive environment, as it allows employees to take care of essential tasks, like childcare, at home, without needing to dip into their time off. It also sends a message of trust, much like having flexible schedules available. Having that trust from leadership helps employees stay happy and confident. Combined with having a flexible schedule, remote work lets employees complete work from anywhere at any time. These, in turn, boost the overall morale of employees.

Host Company Events

Hosting company events for employees and their families is a great way to boost office morale. Activities like barbecues, ice skating, or even volunteering add opportunities for employees to bond with their coworkers. When company leadership participates in these events, employees that generally do not get to interact with critical leaders can get face time. Knowing and respecting superiors is key in good office morale, so events like these make perfect sense.

On-Site Wellness Opportunities

Employees value their health and wellness, so employers that support health and wellness gain favor with their employees. For example, an on-site gym and a wellness clinic would provide employees a convenient way to keep up with their health. If possible, making these free or at least very low cost boosts morale even further. Rolling these into already existing benefits, like a health plan, enriches the perks employees already get.

Provide and Ask for Feedback

Feedback is critical in an office environment for many reasons, not least of all that it boosts office morale. Employees value the opportunity to provide leadership with suggestions to make things run more smoothly and efficiently, as well as having the chance to bring up any concerns or problems. In addition to asking for feedback, giving feedback works in a similar way. Getting constructive feedback on work completed, especially when it’s positive, is a definite morale boost.