People who love their job and look forward to going to work in the morning perform better and get more done . Long hours, stress, and strict deadlines might get a project completed , but that type of unhealthy and unhappy work environment produces low er quality work. When employees are happy, their minds are clearer, they’re better at finding creative solutions to problems, and they’re able to produce higher quality work in a shorter period of time.

A dding a little happiness to the office and creating a culture of positivity has been proven to increase productivity, and higher productivity directly translates to higher profits for your company . The best part? It’s easier than you might think; for example, it can be something as simple as getting a new coffee machine for the office !

1. Redecorate and Rearrange

The stereotypical office with its white cubicles, white walls, and blinding fluorescent lights is clinical and depressing. But even if you aren’t a design pro, there are still steps you can take to liven things up and create a happier space. On the simple r side, you can bring in plants and hang up artwork to add a positive touch. If you’re willing to make a project out of it, you can paint the walls and ditch the cubicles infavor of a more open layout and more collaborative work space.

2. Make Personal Connections

It doesn’t matter where you work; if you hate the people you work with, you’re going to dread clocking in every morning. That’s why it’s so important to form genuine connections with your coworkers . Of course, that sounds much easier than it really is, especially if you tend to be on the shy side. But you’d be surprised by how often a simple compliment (“I love your dress!”) or question (“Is that your dog in the picture?”) c an spar k a conversation that sparks a friendship .

A shocking percentage of employees say that they dislike and actively avoid interacting with their boss; while you don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, learning to communicate effecti vely with employees is crucial to creating a positive workplace.

3. Show Your Appreciation

Everyone wants to be recognized for the hard work they do on a daily basis , and countless studies have proven the effectiveness of positive feedback over negative feedback. Show your appreciation by offering rewards for certain achievements or even just simple words of praise. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, and holidays to show your employees that you care.

4. Get a New Coffee Maker for the Breakroom

You don’t realize how happy coffee makes you until you go a day without it. If you don’t already have a coffee vending machine in the break room, you need to get one, pronto ! And if you do, ask yourself if it’s time for an upgrade.

One of the most popular commercial coffee machines is the Flavia coffee maker . Specially designed for office use and office use only, the Flavia coffee machine brews all types of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, and other specialty drinks to keep everyone in the office feeling energized and productive all day long.

At Corporate Coffee Systems, we can’t come redecorate your office or help you connect with your co – workers, but we can get you hooked up with a brand new coffee vending machine ! Whether you’re looking for something new and high-tech like the Flavia coffee maker or so mething more old school, you won’t find a better selection of commercial coffee machines anywhere else.