Having a coffee maker in the break room does more than just provide an early morning pick-me-up. Caffeine can act as a mood booster, conversation starter, productivity promoter and more, which is why no office should be without it.

Commercial office coffee machines come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but any one you choose is sure to liven up your workplace – here’s how.

1. Great coffee = high spirits.

No one can argue against the uplifting power of a cup of coffee in the morning (except maybe those who prefer tea), but it doesn’t just give you an energy boost – it can give you a mood boost as well. And when you’re in a better mood, you’re more productive, friendlier (which is especially important if you work in the customer service department) and more alert.

Not a big caffeine fan? No worries – customizable single-cup coffee makers like Keurig and pod machines allow you to make your buzz-less decaf whenever you’d like. Crazy about the stuff? Check out some of our espresso makers.

2.No more showing up 15 minutes late with coffee from Starbucks.

Addicted to that one $5 syrupy concoction you get from the barista, but the long morning line is making you late to work? Don’t worry – you can buy a variety of sugars (and sugar substitutes), creams, and flavored syrups in bulk from Corporate Coffee Systems for your office coffee machine to easily recreate your coffee shop favorites in the break room.

But if you just can’t live without that exact blend of Starbucks coffee, we have the perfect solution – the Starbucks iCup. With this bean-to-cup machine, you can skip the lines and brew authentic Starbucks coffee right from your office, so you never have to wait in line at the drive-thru for your grande fix ever again.

3.A hot cup of coffee breaks the ice.

While no one’s expecting you to be best friends with your coworkers, cultivating a friendly work atmosphere is important. Instead of gathering around the water cooler, gather around the coffee maker and enjoy both the physical and social perks of caffeine.

Chat with your coworker about your new puppy or the latest project while you brew a cappuccino or latte in one of our bean-to-cup coffee makers. If you’d still rather shoot the breeze around a water cooler, don’t worry – Corporate Coffee Systems has those too!

4.Coffee is good for your health.

Despite cartoon depictions of coffee mugs being wielded by jittery, hyperactive hands, a healthy dose of caffeine can actually help relax muscle and joint pain. If you find your neck and back becoming stiff from sitting in your office chair all day, try pouring a piping hot cup of java from one of our thermal brewers.

Browse a Wide Selection of Coffee Makers and More

Corporate Coffee Systems offers a wide selection of commercial office coffee machines and accessories for offices large and small. No matter the reason you choose to make great coffee a part of your office, adding a coffee maker to your break room is a decision you won’t regret.