The Taste Quality

Cold-brew tends to be bolder and stronger than hot or iced coffee. Some even report a subtle sweetness. To preserve taste, Wandering Bear’s cardboard-like box prevents light from altering the coffee on a molecular level, and the tap dispenser prevents the beverage from being exposed to air. They’ve thought of everything!

Your only job? Drinking it.

They’ve done the waiting, and the waiting, and the waiting. Select it off a shelf or order it online.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Especially if it’s packaged by Wandering Bear. They make sure their box is recyclable after you are done with it. Think about how no heat source is needed to make cold-brew. It also lasts longer after opening, so you do not have to worry about throwing out coffee.

Ace Coffee uses plastic jugs that are fully recyclable. They do their best to keep costs and supply chain waste down with mindful packaging. Their bottles and labels are locally sourced from small businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

Beans of All Ages

Drift Away Coffee notes that it is more than acceptable for cold brew to be made from older beans and does not affect the taste or quality. As your grandma says: Waste not!

Convenient and Consistent

Have a box of brew for yourself in your office or share with your coworkers in the staff lounge. No waiting in line early in the morning. No letting your car run and wasting gas at the drive-through, only to be provided with a less than stellar cuppa that does not meet your creamer to coffee ratio standards. Going to a local coffee shop or fast-food chain might be nice for the experience, but you know how you like your coffee best. No third party. No hassle. Just open and pour and enjoy. Add cream and sugar or drink it black. You are the royal that rules over your coffee domain.

Time is Money

Once you know you always have coffee on hand, you spend less brain stress and dollars running around to purchase a cup or to make it yourself. So many steps have been saved without the heat, the travel time, and overall preparation. In an age where efficiency is key, cold-brew is reliable and deserves to be the employee of the month.