Getting through a full day of work can sometimes require a pick-me-up. Often, that can mean going to the vending machine after the 3 o’clock hour and pushing a button for a sweet, frosted packaged cake to come to the rescue of the afternoon slump.

You want to keep your employees happy, which is why you ensure that the vending machines are always full. Snacks and drinks abound, and they range from candy bars to choices like granola bars or protein bars. But what if you could provide a healthier alternative they will crave?

Veggie Chips are a Healthy Alternative

Even with growing trends towards eating right or sticking to a vegan diet, the thought of health food still conjures up images of dull tasting, dark greens with lots of vitamins and nutrients but little in the way of taste.  Veggie chips are healthy but tasty, and your employees will want to choose them over potato chips and snack cakes any day.

They are made with ingredients like sweet potatoes, cassava roots, parsnips, and black beans. They also include cumin, chili, wasabi, and other tantalizing seasonings. Each bite brings a variety of flavorings and spices which make veggie chips anything but boring despite being healthy.

Quality veggie chips are much less salty than other snacks. An average serving of veggie chips has about 50 mg of sodium while regular chips have about 180 mg. Veggie chips come with lots of fiber and plenty of vitamins, iron, and protein. These snacks will energize everyone so they can get through any post-lunch slump like champs.

Delicious, Tasty and Crispy

Snackers often enjoy the texture of the foods that they are munching on. One reason potato chips and other salty foods are a big draw for snack eaters is that they have a crispy texture and offer a satisfying crunch. Veggie chips do the same exact thing but are not loaded with the fat and calories than other processed snacks are.  They even contain vitamins and minerals, so they are healthier for you.

Ready-to-Go Convenience

They are packaged just like other traditional snacks. When you have them available in your vending machine or through an office store, they are easy to purchase and easy to store away in a desk drawer or a purse. They may be healthy, but unlike real vegetables like carrots or celery with dips, they are not messy. They can go from the lunch table to the conference table with ease.

There is nothing wrong with offering regular potato chips and similar snacks to your employees. Whether you have vending machines or an office store, adding veggie chips to the inventory is a smart, economical choice. You give your workers a delicious snack alternative that comes with a healthy boost.

Healthy workers are productive workers. Healthy snacks can make the difference between employees feeling sluggish or feeling energized. Veggie chips are the answer to keeping everyone on their toes and satisfied when the need for a workday snack hits.