ReFUEL Your Workplace

fax: 516-371-4860 we appreciate your business! ˚ Seasonal item  Fair Trade Certified 34-2.5oz bags per cs Assorted Flavors 24-2oz bags CXASS10024 Breakfast Blend CXBB15034 Breakfast Blend 2oz bags CXBB10034 Colombian Decaf CXCDE15034 Colombian Decaf 2oz bags CXCDE10034 Dejardin Colombian Supremo CXSUP15034 Dejardin Colombian Supremo 2oz bags CXSUP10034 Donut Shop 24-3oz bags CXDS20024 French Roast CXFR15034 Full City Blend CXCTY15034 Hazelnut 32-2.25oz bags CXHAZ12532 Hazelnut Decaf 32-2.25oz bags CXHAZD12532 House Blend CXHB15034 House Blend 2oz bags CXHB10034 House Blend Decaf CXHBD15034 House Blend Decaf 2oz bags CXHBD10034 Swiss Mocha Almond 32-2.25oz bags CXSMA12532 Very Vanilla 32-2.25oz bags CXFVA12532 72-2.5oz bags per cs Breakfast Blend SBUXBB Caffè Verona SBUXCV French Roast SBUXFR House Blend SBUXHB Pike Place Roast SBUXPP Pike Place Roast Decaf SBUXPPD Veranda Blend SBUXVER 42-2.5oz bags per cs Chocolate Chip Cookie 24 bags RICCC15024 Colombia Las Hermosas Dark RICOL15042 Donut Shop RIDS15042 Donut Shop Dark RIDSDK15042 Donut Shop Decaf RIDSD15042 Firefly Decaf Dark SWP * RISRAFD15042 French Caramel 24 bags RIFC15024 French Roast RIFR15042 French Vanilla 24 bags RIFV15024 German Chocolate Cake 24 bags RIGC15024 Island Reserve 24 bags RIIR15024 Organic Sierra Verde * 24 bags RIOSV15024 Privateer Dark RIPD15042 Vanilla Hazelnut Creme 24 bags RIVHC15024 108-2.5oz bags per cs Chef's Reserve WPR15018 Hawaiian Hazelnut WPHH10018 Provence WPP15018 Rodeo Drive WPROD15018 Vienna WPV15018 18-2.5oz bags per cs Café Domingo PCAFE French Roast PFR House Blend PCHB House Blend Decaf PHBD Major Dickason's Blend PCMD Sumatra PCS 16-.9oz bags per cs Classic Decaf 42-1.5oz bags FOLCD5042 Colombian 42-1.75oz bags FOLC7542 Decaf FDE02546 Regular FOL02546 42-1.75oz bags per cs Decaf CHD07542 H&R 1.5oz bags CK07542 Regular CH07542 42-1.5oz bags per cs Decaf 1.25oz bags MHD05042 Master Blend MHM5042 Regular MH05042 Regular 1.75oz bags MH07542 50-2.2oz bags per cs Breakfast Blend 100 bags GMB122100 Caramel Vanilla Cream GMCV12250 Colombian 100 bags GMC122100 Colombian Decaf GMD12250 Dark Magic GMDM12250 French Roast GMF12250 French Vanilla GMFV12250 Hazelnut GMH12250 Nantucket Blend GMN12250 Organic House Blend GMOHB12250 Organic, House Blend Decaf  2.5oz GMFTOHD15050 Our Blend  100 bags GMFTB122100 Pumpkin Spice GMPS12250 Vermont Country Blend 100 bags GMVT122100 Vermont Country Blend Decaf GMVTD12250 42-1.75oz bags per cs Regular MPM07542 Regular 96-2oz bags MPM10096 Regular 96-2.25oz bags MPM12596 Decaf MDE07542 Colombian BRG07542 Fractional Packs Fractional Packs are for use with Thermal Server and Decanter Brewers. * Rainforest Alliance Certified 8