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fax: 516-371-4860 we appreciate your business! Stirrers & Straws Sleeves for Hot Cups Hot Cups Cold Cups Lids Visit to see more options including styrofoam cups and lids. Cups & Lids Executive Paper Coated 1000 per cs 8oz CU8EM 10oz CU10EM 12oz CU12EM 16oz CU16EM Paper Coated 1000 per cs 4oz Espresso CU4ESP 8oz Solo white CU8PCW 10oz white CU10EMW 10oz Flavia CU10FL 10oz Symphony CU10SYM 10oz Solo white CU10PCW 12oz Solo white CU12PCW 12oz Symphony CU12SYM 12oz Starbucks CU12SB 12oz white CU12EMW 16oz white CU16EMW Perfect Touch 1000 per cs 8oz CU8PT 10oz CU10PT 12oz CU12PT 16oz CU16PT Eco-Friendly 1000 per cs 8oz Emerald white CU8EMWECO 10oz Ecotainer CU10ECO 10oz Emerald FSC CU10FSC 10oz Emerald FSC Select CU10EMECO 12oz Ecotainer CU12ECO 12oz Emerald FSC CU12FSC 12oz Emerald FSC Select CU12EMECO 12oz World Centric CU12PA For Paper Coated Cups per cs 8-20oz Emerald Dome 20 sleeves of 50 LI10DEM 8-20oz Emerald Flat 10 sleeves of 100 LI10EM 8oz Sweetheart Dome 1000 LI8D 10oz Flat 1000 LI10PC 10oz Solo slotted 20 sleeves of 100 LI10CS 10oz Solo travel 1000 LI10SOT 12oz Starbucks 10 sleeves of 100 LI12SB 12-20oz Dome, black 10 sleeves of 100 LI12DB 12-20oz Flat travel 1000 LI12PC For Perfect Touch Cups 1000 per cs 8oz Dome LI8PTD 10-16oz Dome LI10PTD 10-12oz Flat tear LI10PT For Cold Cups 1000 per cs 12-20oz Dome, clear LI12DC 12-20oz Solo, clear slotted LI12CS 16oz Solo, clear LI16CL 16oz Dart, translucent slotted LI16TR Eco-Friendly 1000 per cs 8-20oz Emerald Compostable LICOMPDOM 9-20oz Emerald PLA LIEMRPLA 12oz World Centric Dome LI12CUL per cs Stirrers, 5"plastic 10-1000's/cs STIRB Stirrers, 7" red 1000/cs STIR7 Stirrers, wooden 10-1000's/cs STIR-W Stirrers, 7.5" wooden wrapped 10 boxes of 500 STIRIW Straws, 7" soda 24-500's/cs STRW Straws, 10.25" wrapped 4-500's/cs STRW10 per cs Emerald 1000 10SLV Reunion Island 1300 10SLVRI Starbucks 1200 SBSLV Wax Coated per cs 3.5oz Flat bottom water 50 sleeves of 100 CU35WA 3oz water 24 sleeves of 100 CU3WAS 4.5oz Cone 25 sleeves of 200 CU45WA 5oz Flat bottom water 30 sleeves of 100 CU5WA 7oz Soda 20 sleeves of 100 CU7PA Plastic 1000 per cs 7oz clear soda CU7PLCL 10oz clear soda CU10PLCL 12oz clear soda CU12CL 16oz clear soda CU16CL 20oz clear CU20CL Translucent 2500 per cs 5oz CU5TR 7oz CU7TR 9oz CU9TR 10oz CU10TR 12oz 1000 CU12TR 14oz 1000 CU14TR 16oz 1000 CU16TR Tumbler 500 per cs 5oz CU5TU 8oz CU8TU 9oz Squat CU9PLCL 10oz CU10TU 12oz CU12TU 16oz CU16TU Eco-Friendly 1000 per cs 12oz Greenware CU12GECO 12oz Solo Bare CU12BA 16oz Greenware CU16GW 16oz Emerald PLA CU16PLA 16oz Solo Bare CU16BA 20oz Solo Bare CU20BA 18