ReFUEL Your Workplace we appreciate your business! Sugars and Sweeteners Creamers Shelf Stable Milk Hot Chocolate Cappuccino Mixes Crystal Light On The Go Instant Coffee Lavit Drink Capsules Café Excellence 20oz Canister, 24/cs SUCAN Packets 2000/cs SUPAC Domino 100 count, 20/cs SUPACDO 1lb Box, 24/cs SU1LB 20oz Canister, 24/cs SUCANDO 2lb Bag, 20/cs SU2 2lb Box, 24/cs SU2LB 4lb Bag, 10/cs SU4LB Cubes 1lb, 12/cs SUDOT Sugar in the Raw 1200/cs SUGRAW12 200 count, 2 boxes/cs SUGRAW Equal 100/box, 12 boxes/cs EQUL 2000/cs EQUL2 1lb box, 6/cs EQUL1 Splenda 100 count, 12 boxes/cs SPL100 2000/case SPLENDA 400 count, 4 boxes/cs SPL400 500/cs SPL500 16oz Canister, 12/cs SPLCAN Stevia 50 count, 12 boxes/cs STEVIA Sweet'n Low 100 count, 12 boxes/cs SLPAC100 2000/cs SL2000 400 count, 4 boxes/cs SLPAC4 Truvia 140 count, 6 boxes/cs TRUVIA Bordens per cs Liquid, Half & Half 12-32oz HALF32 Café Excellence per cs Powder, Original Canister 24-12oz CRCAN Coffee-mate per cs Liquid, French Vanilla 180 CRLIQCMFVA Liquid, French Vanilla 4 boxes of 50 CRPACFVA Liquid, French Vanilla 2-1.5 liters CRPUMPCMFVA per cs 1% Low-Fat 12 quarts MILQL1 2% Low-Fat 27 half-pints MILPL 2% Low-Fat 12 quarts MILQL Skim, Fat Free 12 quarts MILQS Whole 12 quarts MILQ Hershey's per cs Skim, Fat Free 12 quarts MILHS Whole 12 quarts MILHW Cappuccino Creamer Topping 6-1lb bags CRHOTTE Edensoy Organic Soymilk 12 quarts MILSOY Nature's First Milk Topping 6-1lb bags CRNAT Liquid, Hazelnut 180 CRLIQCMHAZ Liquid, Hazelnut 4 boxes of 50 CRPACHAZ Liquid, Hazelnut 2-1.5 liters CRPUMPH Liquid, Irish Cream 4 boxes of 50 CRPACIC Liquid, Original 180 CRLIQCMO Liquid, Original 360 CRLIQCM Liquid, Original 2-1.5 liters CRPUMPCM Powder, French Vanilla Canister 12-15oz CRCANCMFV Powder, Hazelnut Canister 12-15oz CRCANCMHAZ Powder, Original Canister 12-11oz CRCANCM Powder, Original Lite Canister 12-11oz CRCANL Powder, Original Packets 18 boxes of 50 CRPAC Hood per cs Liquid, Half & Half 360 HALF360 International Delight per cs Liquid, French Vanilla 6 boxes of 24 HALFFVA Liquid, Half & Half 180 HALFMM Liquid, Half & Half 384 HALF384 Liquid, Hazelnut 6 boxes of 24 HALFHAZ Swiss Miss 6-50 servings per cs Liquid 6-½ gallons/cs HCSYR Milk Chocolate HCSM Milk Chocolate with marshmallows HCSMMA Sugar free 6-24 servings/cs HCSMLO Nestle 6-50 servings per cs Dark Chocolate HCNED Milk Chocolate HCNE Milk Chocolate with marshmallows HCNEM Whipper Mix 12-2lb bags/cs HCNESW Selection Unlimited Powdered 6-2lb bags/cs HCPOW Starbucks 6-2lb bags per cs Interactive Cup SBUXODHC Serenade SSHP Selection Unlimited 6-2lb bags per cs French Vanilla CAPFV General Foods 6-2lb bags per cs French Vanilla GFFV Hazelnut Belgian Cafe GFHB Italian GFI 4-30 servings/cs Iced Tea CLGIT Lemonade CLGLEM Peach Tea CLGPT Sunrise Orange CLGOR per cs Cafe Bustello 12-10oz cans INCBUST Folgers Regular 6-33.9oz tubs FOLR Starbucks Via Colombian 4 packs of 50 SBINSC Taster's Choice 12-7oz jars INTCJ Taster's Choice Decaf 6 boxes of 80 INTCD 4 packs of 18 per cs Black Cherry Lime LAVITBCL Coconut Pineapple LAVITCP Creamy Root Beer LAVITCRB Grape Sport LAVITGS Green Tea Ginseng LAVITGTG Italian Blood Orange LAVITIBO Lemon Lime LAVITLL Mint Lemonade LAVITML Orange Mango LAVITOM Pink Grapefruit LAVITPG Raspberry Lemonade LAVITRL Renewable Energy LAVITRE Spicy Ginger Ale LAVITSGA Sweeteners, Creamers & Instant Bevs 10