Corporate Coffee Systems Office Refreshment Solutions

For more information, contact us today! 800.284.CORP PROVIDed by WL500 The WL500 sparkling water dispenser delivers exceptional sparkling water as well as your chilled and hot water needs too. This self contained, fully programmable model includes multi-stage carbon filtration, ultraviolet light purification and large capacity CO2. Makes Cold, Hot, Extra Hot and Sparkling Water Features Include: Digital display Energy save mode UV indicator and drip tray alarm Ultraviolet (UV) light sanitation BPA free Simple water connection set up Surfaces surrounding the dispensing areas are infused with BioCote. This keeps your water cooler fresher for longer, and makes contact surfaces more hygienic. BioCote antimicrobial technology Countertop Specifications: 18.75”H x 17”W x 17.75”D 73 lbs 772W ¼" plumbed-in cold water Tower Specifications: 50”H x 17”W x 17.75”D 104 lbs 772W ¼" plumbed-in cold water BOTTLELESS SPARKLING