Fair trade is a standard that is set in place by coffee distributors.  Farmers have to meet that standard for their coffee to be labeled fair trade.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, we drink it and make it, we love it. However, is your coffee made with love?

If your coffee is not fair trade, chances are that it may not be the highest quality coffee you can get for your money.  You may be able to get cheaper coffee, but it may not be quality.

What is fair trade coffee?

Good question, glad you asked. Fair trade coffee is coffee that is harvested under ideal conditions and is produced in favor of quality and taste over quantity.  In fair trade, coffee farmers are fairly compensated for their efforts and the health of the environment is promoted. 

How do I know if coffee is fair trade?

For coffee to be fair trade, it has to pass the examination of the RFA. The Rainforest Alliance is a wildlife conservation organization targeted with promoting healthy, sustainable practices when it comes to the harvesting of coffee. If your coffee does not have the RFA certified seal of approval, chances are it may not be fair trade coffee.

Why you should buy fair trade coffee

When you buy fair trade coffee, you are supporting the environment and making sure that there is coffee for generations to come.

With the higher price of fair trade coffee, you are getting more flavorful coffee due to the growing process. Compared to traditional growing methods, fair trade coffee allows farmers to provide extra care and attention to the coffee crop ensuring that your next cup of coffee is harvested at peak health.

Benefits of Fair Trade Coffee 

More Flavorful Coffee

Fair trade coffee tastes better than regular coffee because of the roasting process.  In a batch of fair trade coffee, there are fewer beans roasted and more time is taken to cure the beans allowing for unique, rich and thick flavors that cannot be found in regular coffee.

It’s Healthier

Fair trade coffee has fewer pesticides and provides more nutrients due to the healthy treatment of the soil.

Compared to regular coffee, fair trade coffee is more flavorful, healthier, and a better option for the environment. However, it is a little more expensive than traditional coffee, but the slightly higher price is the best value for your money.

How and Where

To get all the benefits of fair trade coffee you do not need to travel to the remote rainforests or a distant continent.  Fair trade coffee can be found at your local coffee shop or health food store. When you are purchasing fair trade coffee, look for the RFA label as this will tell you if the coffee you are buying is fair trade coffee or not.


Fair trade coffee is more expensive than traditional coffee due to the extensive roasting process and care that is involved in the raising of the beans.  The bold flavor and increased nutrients in the coffee make it worth the price. When you buy fair trade coffee, you are supporting family farms, the environment, and your health.