Everything at the office should flow smoothly and in order. The one thing that can get left behind in that process is the coffee. Many offices out there use the single serve cup brewing system, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but you don’t have to settle for that.

Coffee doesn’t have to taste bad just because it’s made at work. This may take effort on your part, but you’ll be glad you took steps to change the way coffee is made at your workplace.

Grind Your Own

One thing you can do is see if the office manager can get the company to spring for a grinder. I know that may be wishful thinking, but if it doesn’t work, maybe you could buy one and bring it to share. The entire office will thank you, and they may even shower you with money to repay you for your investment. Hey, you never know, but grinding your own coffee means you’re getting it fresh, and that’s a plus!

Time the Coffee

If your office uses a regular coffee pot for brewing, then one easy and cheap step you can take is to write the time the coffee was brewed down.  Sounds simple right? Because it is. There is nothing worse than walking into the break room and pouring yourself a cup of coffee that has been there for five hours. Keep track of that coffee’s time, like it was an employee!

Start a Club

There is no shortage of coffee lovers in the world. You can rest assured there are plenty at your office. See if any of them would like to get together and form a coffee club. You could have one person to buy beans, and the rest of you could bring equipment and other supplies to share. Switch it up every month or so, that way one person isn’t stuck supplying everyone with all the coffee. You may find new coffees to love this way.

Find a Local Roaster

Some cities have many local roasters. If you don’t know any, do a quick search and find one or more. Give them a visit and get your coffee freshly roasted. You may even find a new supplier for your office coffee.

Switch Up Your Add-Ins

If you’re looking for a way to add flavor, change what you add to your coffee. A lot of us use sugar, but if you switch to sugar in the raw, it will change your life. The flavor differs from normal table sugar. You may have to pay a little more for it, but it’ll still be cheaper than a cup of coffee at one of those expensive chains.

Filtered Water

Last, you should change to using filtered water to make your coffee. It will keep the inner workings of your brewer cleaner and the taste will be much better. You can find filtered water in almost any office water cooler.