Whether dealing with an early morning at the office, a late arrival at the job site, or a toddler who’s always on the move, nothing’s quite like the reinforcing kick-in-the-rear given by a hot cup of Go Juice, better known as coffee.  Other than being an international favorite when it comes to starting your day off right, coffee brings with it an extensive list of health benefits other than energy, and is leaving many to wonder, can coffee help kidney disease? Let’s take a look at a few recent findings to help you determine whether or not you should continue enjoying that morning glass of your lifelong favorite, or seek an unfulfilling alternative.  

Coffee is Packed with Nutrients to Help Keep your Body Prepared for Anything

Let’s not forget about the contents of the bean itself; this nutrient-rich little nugget contains a ton of powerful antioxidants that help fight against various diseases, here are just a few of the known benefits of the world’s most popular beverage:

  • Helps protect against cirrhosis of the liver
  • Lowers risk for Type-2 Diabetes
  • May protect against Altimeters Disease
  • Helps fight factors involved with the risk of Suicide and Depression
  • Assists in repairing your muscles after an intense workout

But what about the effects coffee has on your kidneys?  Does coffee help fight kidney disease?

Coffee and your Kidneys, How Much is Too Much?


One study, searching to determine whether caffeine can help a patient suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease live longer, reveals that drinking Coffee may reduce your risk of premature death by as much as 24%.  However, the study could not determine an exact cause for the decrease in risk, and therefore the results do not necessarily prove coffee is the key but do suggest our daily intake of caffeine could be a factor.  So how much is a safe amount to consume?


The average adult is said to be safe to consume 3-5 cups per day, yet these numbers can be affected by other factors such as the age of the individual and whether or not any preexisting conditions are present may increase the subject’s risk.  Key point? Don’t give your body more than it can handle, try to keep your daily consumption in a healthy range no matter how much you love this beneficial bean.


The Results are in, but the choice is ultimately up to you

Although research indicates that the average healthy adults’ kidneys may benefit from a daily cup of Joe, the final choice is still slightly unclear, yet points towards a beneficial outcome for your kidneys should you choose to partake in this favorite morning ritual.  


It’s important to note that this information is regarding solely the coffee and not the many popular additives one might add to alter the flavor.  


Most of us love our coffee, and questioning whether our consumption is good for our kidneys is an important thing to ask.  Ultimately the choice is your own, yet much of the current information available points to a solid thumbs-up, enjoy your morning brew.