Earth Day is right around the corner, and many businesses have been slowly looking up methods for quite some time to appropriately help the environment by modifying basic, daily choices. Switching up office supplies or methods to support sustainability may seem like a daunting task, but there are many ways to easily swap out for eco-friendly items or services. There are even companies like Corporate Coffee Systems, offering unique guidance and support for each individual office.

Office Coffee Machine

A simple place to start is the breakroom. Trading out coffee brands and coffee-making methods can be a starting point for either large corporations or smaller staffs. Reunion Island Coffee Roasters prides itself on their uncompromising dedication to sustainability while ensuring continued quality. This company actively seeks out new sustainable coffee farms, with innovative ideas, who support the Earth while growing and distributing coffee. On top of this, they were listed as Roast Magazine’s 2015 Roaster of the Year with high-quality standards both for their coffee and their participation in eco-friendly ideals. Bringing in their products would most likely improve the quality of coffee in the office while supporting sustainability in the coffee industry. An upgrade on quality and taste, plus treating the planet better, seems like a good place to begin.

Another straightforward change in the office coffee realm would be using zero waste coffee pods from Reunion Island or Nespresso Recyclable Capsules. Single-serve, packaged products tend to contribute to waste, but Reunion Island Coffee uses 100% compostable coffee and tea pods, while Nespresso provides an entire system for recycling their Nespresso pods to ensure they don’t become tossed garbage.

General Breakroom Products

Slightly more common, and just as simple to swap out, are sustainable versions of products like toilet paper, multi-purpose cleaner, coffee cups, or paper towels. Emerald Eco-Squad works to equip office breakrooms by providing sustainability consulting, along with their Full Circle Sustainable Solution, which ensures as many items as possible in use at the office are not harmful to the environment. Also, Emerald Eco-Squad can assist businesses by helping measure and calculate each entity’s environmental impact­—such as listing how many trees have been preserved through newly implemented measures, or the quantity of chemicals no longer seeping into the soil.

Everyday Office Items

On top of these significant changes, it’s possible to switch out more minor items throughout the remainder of the office, like recycled paper sticky notes, plant-based glue, refillable fountain pens, recycled copy paper, or cork mousepads. It doesn’t take much effort to find websites providing eco-friendly alternatives for all sorts of products.

Overall, the process of utilizing new product lines may seem challenging or burdensome, but companies like Corporate Coffee System and Reunion Island Coffee Roasters are there to help, as well as the many other small businesses consistently entertaining new methods and ideas to aid conservation and prevent waste. Thankfully, the passion in this industry is overwhelmingly eager and engaging and incredibly positive, making it even easier to make major or minor shifts with confidence.