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Fracs, Packs and Pods

Get your employees and co-workers excited with the finest brands of gourmet office coffees. Flavored, organic and premium blends yield the best tasting brewed coffee available. Whether using traditional brewing systems or single-cup systems like Flavia™ or Wolfgang Puck™, we provide you with the highest quality office coffee offerings for your employees.

Café Excellence

Fractional Packs packaged as 72-2.5oz bags/case

Breakfast Blend SBUXBB
Cafe Verona SBUXCV
French Roast SBUXFR
House Blend SBUXHB
House Blend Decaf SBUXHBD
Pike Place SBUXPP

Green Mountain

Fractional Packs packaged as 50-2.2oz bags/case

Caramel Vanilla Cream GMCV12250
Colombian 100 bags GMC122100
Dark Magic GMDM12250
French Roast GMF12250
French Vanilla GMFV12250
Gingerbread GMGB12250
Hazelnut GMH12250
Holiday Blend GMHB12250
Organic House Blend GMOHB12250
Pumpkin Spice GMPS12250
Rain Forest GMRF12250
Southern Pecan GMSP12250
Fair Trade Organic Vanilla Cream GMVC12250
Fair Trade Our Blend 100 bags GMFTB122100

Reunion Island

Fractional Packs packaged as 24-2.2oz bags/case

Chocolate Chip Cookie RICCC15024
Colombia Las Hermosas 42 bags RICOL15042
Donut Shop 42 bags RIDS15042
Donut Shop Dark 42 bags RIDSDK15042
Donut Shop Decaf RIDSD15042
French Caramel RIFC15024
French Vanilla RIFV15024
German Chocolate Cake RIGC15024
Island Reserve RIIR15024
Privateer Dark 42 bags RIPD15042
Spiced Eggnog RISE15024
SWP RA Firefly Decaf Dark 42 bags RISRAFD15042
Vanilla Hazelnut Creme RIVHC15024

Misc. Branded Fractional Packs

Folgers packaged as 46-.9oz bags/case

Regular FOL02546
Decaf FDE02546
Colombian 42-1.75oz bags/case FOLC7542

Martinson packaged as 42-1.75oz bags/case

Colombian BRG07542
Decaf MDE07542
Regular MPM07542
Regular 96-2oz bags/case MPM10096
Regular 96-2.25oz bags/case MPM12596

Maxwell House

Regular 42-1.5oz bags/case MH05042
Decaf 42-1.5oz bags/case MHD05042
Regular 42-1.75oz bags/case MH07542

Peet's packeged as 18-2.5oz bags/case

House Blend PCHB
Major PCMD
Sumatra PCS

Regular BRG07542

Chock Full O' Nuts packaged as 42-1.75oz bags/case

H&R Regular 42-1.5oz bags/case CK07542
Decaf CHD07542

Eldorado packaged as 96-2oz bags/case

Regular EL10096

Filterpack packaged as 48-2oz bags/case

Regular FP10048
Decaf 48-1.75oz bags/case FPD07548

Seattle's Best packaged as 72-2oz bags/case

6th Avenue Bistro 42 bags SE6A10042
Colombian Decaf SEBD10072

Blue Estates packaged as 42-2.5oz bags/case

European Dark BEED15042
House Blend Decaf BEHBD15042


Dariene Decaf Kit 128-2.2oz bags/case DCOLD120Z128
Dariene Colombian 128-2.2oz bags/case DCOL122128
Mocha Java Blend 24-1.75oz bags/case MJ07524

Gevalia Packs

Coffee packaged as 8 packs of 20/case

Cappuccino GEVCAP
Colombian GEVCOL
Dark Roast GEVDK
Espresso GEVESP
House Blend GEVMED

Tea packaged as 8 packs of 20/case

Earl Grey GEVEG
Traditional Tea GEVTR

Eldorado Pods

Regular packaged as 4 boxes of 25/case

Breakfast Blend EPBB
Colombian Popayan Supremo EPSP
Colombian Decaf EPDC
Costa Rican Tarrazu EPCR
French Quarter EPFQ
French Roast EPFR
Kenya AA EPK
Mocha Java EPMJ
Organic Guatemala EPOG
Plantation Blend EPPB
Sumatra Mandheling EPM

Decaf packaged as 4 boxes of 25/case

Colombian Decaf EPDC

Flavored packaged as 4 boxes of 25/case

French Vanilla EPFV
Hazelnut Delight EPH
Hazelnut Decaf EPDH

Tassimo T-Discs

Regular packaged as 5 boxes of 16/case

Gevalia Breakfast Blend TDGBB
Gevalia Colombian TDGC
Gevalia Dark Roast 5 boxes of 14/case TDGDR
Gevalia Espresso TDGE
Gevalia Signature TDSB

Decaf packaged as 5 boxes of 16/case

Gevalia Espresso Decaf TDGED
Gevalia Signature Decaf TDSBD

Flavored packaged as 5 boxes of 16/case

Gevalia French Vanilla TDGFV
Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut TDGSH

Tea packaged as 5 boxes of 16/case

Twinings Chai TDTCT
Twinings Earl Grey TDTEG
Twinings English Breakfast TDTEB
Twinings Green TDTGT

Hot Chocolate packaged as 5 boxes of 8/case

Suchard Hot Chocolate TDSHC

Milk Creamer packaged as 5 boxes of 8/case

Cappuccino Milk Creamer TDPCM
Latte Milk Creamer TDPLM
Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino Creamer TDPCMF

Fractional Packs

Regular packaged as 34-2.5oz bags/case

Breakfast Blend CXBB15034
Breakfast Blend 2oz bags CXBB10034
Colombian Decaf CXCDE15034
Colombian Decaf 2oz bags CXCDE10034
Dejardin Colombian Supremo CXSUP15034
Dejardin Colombian Supremo 2oz bags CXSUP10034
Donut Shop 24-3oz bags CXDS20024
French Roast CXFR15034
Full City Blend CXCTY15034
House Blend CXHB15034
House Blend 2oz bags CXHB10034
House Blend Decaf CXHBD15034
House Blend Decaf 2oz bags CXHBD10034
Serendipity CXSER15034

Flavored packaged as 24-2oz bags/case

Flavor Assortment CXASS10024
Hazelnut CXHAZ10024
Hazelnut Decaf CXHAZD10024
Swiss Mocha Almond CXSMA10024
Very Vanilla CXFVA10024

Pods packaged as 6 boxes of 18/case


Breakfast Blend CXPBB
Dejardin Colombian Supremo CXPSUP
Donut Shop CXPDS
Espresso CXPES
Extreme Brew CXPEX
French Roast CXPFR
Full City CXPFC
House Blend CXPHB
Northern Lights CXPNL
Sumatra CXPSUM


Colombia Decaf CXPSUPD
House Blend Decaf CXPHBD


Chocolate Truffle CXPCT
Hazelnut CXPHAZ
Hazelnut Decaf CXPHAZD
Jazzy Java CXPJJ
Rainforest Crunch CXPRC
Swiss Mocha Almond CXPSMA
Very Vanilla CXPVV
Very Vanilla Decaf CXPVVD
White Chocolate CXPWC
White Russian CXPJMC


Earl Grey CXPEG
English Breakfast CXPBT

Flavia Freshpacks

Alterra Coffee packaged as 5 rails of 20/case

Morning Roast FLABB
Colombia FLACOL
Costa Rica FLACR
Espresso Roast FLAER
Ethiopia FLAETH
*French Roast FLAFR
French Roast Decaf FLAFRD
*French Vanilla FLAFVA
*Hazelnut FLAHAZ
*House Blend FLAHB
House Blend Decaf FLAHBD
*Barista's Blend FLAIR
*Kona Blend FLAKD
Pumpkin Spice 5 rails of 16 FLAPS
Sumatra FLASUM

* Rainforest Alliance Certified

Specialties packaged as 4 rails of 18/case

Cappuccino/Latte Swirl FLALS
Dove Hot Chocolate FLAHCD
Milky Way Swirl FLAMWS

Bright Tea Co. packaged as 5 rails of 20/case

Chai Spice FLAEXC
Earl Grey FLAEG
English Breakfast FLAEB
Green with Jasmine FLAGRJ
Japanese Green FLAGR
Lemon Herbal FLALC
Peppermint Herbal FLAPC
Raspberry Herbal FLARS
White with Orange FLAWTO

Wolfgang Puck

Pods packaged as 6 boxes of 18/case

Caramel Creme WPCC
Espresso WPES
Fair Trade Organic South Pacific WPSP
French Vanilla WPFV
Hawaiian Hazelnut WPH
Jamaica Me Crazy WPJ
Provence French Roast WPFR
Reserve WPR
Reserve Decaf WPRD
Sorrento Colombian WPCO
Sorrento Colombian Swiss Water Decaf WPCWD
Sumatra Kopi Raya WPS
Toscana WPT
Toscana Decaf WPTD
Vienna WPV

Organa Tea packaged as 6 boxes of 18/case

Berry White ORGPBW
Chai Tea WTCT
Chamomile Lemon ORGPCL
Earl Grey WTEG
English Breakfast ORGPEB
Green Tea WTGT
Mint Green WTMG
Pomegranate Blueberry WTPB

Fractional Packs packaged as 108-2.5oz bags/case

Hawaiian Hazelnut WPHH10018
French Vanilla WPFV10018
Provence WPP15018
Reserve WPR15018
Rodeo Drive WPROD15018
Sorrento Colombian WPCO10018
Toscana Decaf WPTD15018
Vienna WPV15018


Capsules packaged as 4 boxes of 16/case

Espresso CAPNE
House Blend CAPNHB

Van Houtte

Soft Pods packaged as 4 boxes of 18/case

Colombian Medium VHPCM
Colombian Decaf VHPD
Espresso Dark VHPES
Fair Trade Mexico VHPFTM
French Roast VHPFR
House Blend VHPHB
Midnight Express VHPMX
Vanilla Hazelnut VHPVH

Espresso Pods packaged as 8 boxes of 40/case

Espresso VHESPR
Espresso Decaf VHESPD


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